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The Wizard's Good Book is a collection of lessons learned by doing.  Although I authored most of the material, some was researched and written by friends and co-workers.  Their efforts are noted at the top of each page.   There are also some pages of information collected from PC magazines.  These items are linked to the publication.   Some items were passed onto me via e-mail and I have no idea who wrote them...

Who is the Wizard?

My name is  Randy.  You can e-mail me with comments and suggestions at "".  I appreciate feedback and suggestions for new information.  If you want to have some of the tricks you learned included here, please send them.

Please Note:  Much of the information for Modems, Printers, Hardware,  and other stuff throughout is for older technology.  I leave it because I get a lot of these questions.  Newer stuff pretty much configures itself.

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